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Financial Information

Fees can be paid in instalments and discounts are given with terms and conditions applied


Lifetime Pass Guarantee#
If you buy the Ultimate Learning Experience for the Skills, Essentials or Options papers, you will receive a Lifetime Pass Guarantee. In the unlikely event you fail, our Lifetime Pass Guarantee means you will be able to resit the course again or access free resources until you pass (refer to website for current ULE offers) .


GHPC has put in place a system to protect investors’ contributions, thereby practicing the accountancy theory, of being very prudent and transparent. GHPC hope good investor returns will help in boosting investors’ confidence that is our hallmark. Also all donor contributions towards our (Scholarships and support for Educational and Professional studies) SSEPS Foundation Program, to support the needy but academically excelling students, will be made available quarterly. As our mission for our Foundation Program is to train Accountants and Finance Experts from every background and globally.

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