History of the Institute

The establishment of GHPC was inspired by the pass rate of Ghanaian foreign students in UK who had very good pass rate from BPP and Kaplan tuition there. Investigation and survey was conducted and there was the realization that good study materials especially the text book and the real lectures and tutorial support was the main factor that helped students to pass at their 1st time attempt. A partnership was then instigated between the main tutorial institutes in UK i.e. BPP and Kaplan. GHPC has both contracts that is BPP and Kaplan but decided to concentrate on just one partner, so we choose Kaplan since they had all the we needed for our students in Ghana and were ready to give more.

We took advantage to observe the study centres of both BPP and Kaplan just to make sure we replicate what we want there. We can confidently say we have brought exactly what we want from UK to Ghana in terms of quality educational resource: from technology, innovation, quality assurance and the Kaplan brand which our contract necessitates us to promote.

The owners of GHPC are much vested in the experience of accountancy and finance well over 35 years and have leverage that experience into the management of the school. Our focus is to follow the UK blended way of study, where innovative live streaming mode of studies are well advanced with tutor support. So that we can still be the hub of innovative, state of the art and 1st class educational resource for live streaming in Africa.

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