Welcome to Global Heritage Professional College!

Here you will find affordable, quality higher education being delivered in small class settings, led by our committed resource persons with credentials from NCUK committed tutors and also from the country’s most acclaimed season lecturers.

I am the first as a candidate for GHPC presidency, and as the college’s president, I am committed to continuing that momentum from our collective vision of becoming the think-tank, world class research oriented and professionally focused centre for quality education in Africa.

GHPC’s distinctive history and mission demand that we strive continually to offer a highly valuable and relevant education for today’s emerging and future leaders.

We offer students a welcoming learning environment that is rich with diversity. The broad range of resources, programs, and services we offer are tailored to help students do well personally and academically, and to prepare for their future carrier success.

As a premier learning-centred institution for NCUK in Ghana, we are committed to excellence, innovation and affordability. I encourage you to visit our website to become better acquainted with developments at GHPC, our achievements and plans, our growing infrastructure of newly acquired state of the art buildings and facilities, and, above all, our unyielding commitment to realizing our mission and vision.

I invite you to explore what GHPC has to offer you by a visit to our centre and discover what sets us apart from many other fine institutions. I believe you’ll be impressed by what GHPC has achieved so far and as confident as I am about it’s potential to accomplish great things in the future.

Among our top priorities are innovative programs, expanded global learning opportunities and focus on high-impact practices. We also boast a large portfolio of internationally-accredited colleges and programs that attest to a high level of excellence and quality.

We continue to be proud of our close relationship with the public and private sector that has launched a number of collaborative agreements that benefit our students, lecturers, and the institution as a whole. You are so much more than a student to us; you are a member of our community.

College President,

Mrs Angela List.

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