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Dear Student.
You are most welcome to the big family of success and a Community of Students. Success of all of our students and the continuous professional development of our tutors and staff continues to be our focused priority. GHPTC boasts of talented, professional, and caring staffs who are dedicated to making this an enjoyable learning experience. We hope that you will find the coursework stimulating, challenging, and rewarding. We assure you of our outstanding education and training programs tailored to fit your long term career objectives and aspirations.

This website contains excellent information on our wide variety of services for students, including counseling, job search assistance. We have the staffs and administrators who are fully committed to helping you succeed in your career. In addition, our counselors are tremendous assets providing you with one-on-one support and ensuring that a much productive and conducive learning environment is created at all times to foster academic and social cohabitation. Our avowed resolve to be there for another to resolve personal issues cannot be overlooked. To learn more about all of our academic programs, counseling services, and clubs and activities, please visit our website at www.ghprofessionaltrainingcentre.com

We help you have personalized learning experience. We look forward to seeing you on centre and thank you for becoming a member of this community!

Thank you,
Administrative Officer


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