Revision Classes & Exam Prep

Revision Classes

Question Based Day (QBD)
Tackle exam standard questions under timed conditions, receive personalised feedback and recap on any difficult topics with our video debriefs.

Our Revision courses not only recap on everything you’ve learned, but also teach you how to apply your knowledge in the exam. Improve your exam technique with extensive question practice. Includes past exam questions, model answers, examiner’s guidance and pocket sized memory jo Classroom revision (Weekday, Evening and Weekend). We also provide 2 Weeks Mock Assessment from KAPLAN for our students to partake in before sitting for the exams. We also have intensive revision per paper on question practice and exam technique. This helps students to apply what has been learned at the tuition phase. This Revision session would also benefit resit students, our students also have access to debriefs of final Assessments and Revision Mocks gears, plus CIMA/ACCA approved printed study materials and online resources.

Exam Prep

Mock Exam
The Mock Exam is undoubtedly a great way to build up confidence and prepare for the real exam.
Our Mock Exams will be marked by trained tutors that will in turn provide valuable feedback to you. This way you can see what you’re doing right and where your knowledge needs reinforcement.

Computer Based Exam (CBE) Centre
The GHPC is an ACCA Approved Computer Based Examination Centre (CBE). Students have the ability to sit computer based exams for papers F1- F4. The main advantage of the CBE system is flexibility – you can sit these examinations at any time of the year. In addition, you may resit the exams as often as necessary. Students also receive their exam ,

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